Social Investment Fund

Apply for funding from FIT

The Foundation for Integrated Transport has recently established a Social Investment Fund. The FIT Social Investment Fund will make loans, repayable grants and equity investments in selected projects and innovations that fall within its charitable purposes and areas of interest.

Priority is given to projects and innovations which have a demonstrable benefit, be financially sustainable and scalable over a wider geographical area. We prioritise change ahead of returns and are willing to accept risk. Decisions are made by an Investment Committee of experienced social entrepreneurs.

Working on the train

Funding criteria

We support innovators to transform transport for social and environmental benefit. The FIT Social Investment Fund is eager to:

  • Invest in projects and innovations with the potential to generate income streams or provide a capital return
  • Invest in capital items which have the potential to either generate income or reduce costs
  • Support feasibility studies where the sum invested would be repaid if the project went to the next stage.

FIT actively encourages co-funding arrangements with other social investment funds.

Application process

We ask applicants to complete this brief questionnaire describing the organisation, the project’s objectives and funding requirements.