John Whitelegg

Appointed FIT Senior Fellow in 2020, working with Professor Phil Goodwin, on the theme of transport and climate change.
John Whitelegg

Focus of work

Phil and John will be working on separate agendas of work while collaborating with each other and interested researchers and agencies between 2020-22.

John plans:

  • A meta-review on measures and interventions with CO2 reduction results
  • Collaboration with leading policy institutes including Wuppertal, Lund University, and Tyndall
  • Best practice case studies e.g. Oslo, Freiburg, Lund
  • Contacts with climate emergency centres in unitary and county councils
  • A workshop on measures and best practice
  • Short summaries based on the EU Evidence project in accessible style

John Whitelegg, BA PhD LLB, is visiting professor, School of the Built Environment, Liverpool John Moores University and was formerly professor of geography and head of department at Lancaster University and a staff member of the global science policy organisation, the Stockholm Environment Institute.

He has worked with the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Energy and the Environment (Germany) and is an associate of the Kassel Centre for Mobility Culture (Germany) and a board member of the Californian organisation “Transportation Choices for Sustainable Communities”.

John has edited the journal “World Transport Policy and Practice for 25 years and has written 10 books. In the most recent book Mobility, he presents an evidence-based case for a transformation of the totality of transport and mobility policy to achieve three zeroes (zero carbon, zero deaths and injuries and zero air pollution).

He has worked extensively on practical measures to achieve 100% decarbonisation of land transport.

Selected publications

Towards a zero carbon vision for UK transport

John Whitelegg, Gary Haq, Howard Cambridge and Harry Vallack, Stockholm Environment Institute, 2010

How much transport can landscape tolerate: new ways of thinking about traffic, landscape and nature?

Koerner, S, Holzapfel, H and Bellin-Harder, F (eds) Landschaft und Verkeher, University of Kassel, Germany, ISBN 978-3-86219-358-5, pp 93-114 (2012)

Mobility: A New Urban Design and Transport Planning Philosophy for a Sustainable Future

Straw Barnes Press. ISBN 13: 978-1530227877 (2015)

Key research themes on regulation, pricing, and sustainable urban mobility

Nash, C and Whitelegg, J (2016), International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, 10,1,33-39

Cars and climate change: the need for more ambition

Responsible Science (2019)

Safety, risk and road traffic danger: towards a transformational approach to the dominant ideology

The Politics of Cycling Infrastructure. Spaces and (in)equality edited by Peter Cox and Till Koglin, Policy Press, University of Bristol, 95-112 (2020)

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